What can I do with my degrees in architecture and accounting?

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which-way-to-goRandy from Ball State University asked:

What can I do with my degrees in architecture and accounting?

Hi Randy

You can do a variety of things with your two degrees.  They key question you need to answer is “what do you want to do?”

Do you want to focus on architecture and use your accounting skills in a secondary manner, supporting your career in architecture; or do you want to focus on accounting and do so in architecture-related fields?

Or, do you want to do something altogether different?

Whatever you do, you have to make YOU make sense to potential employers via your resume, professional correspondence an professional networking.

No employer want to hire you to allow you to figure out what you want to do with your degrees.  Employers expect you to be able to tell them why you want to work for them, in their industry, and in the job for which you are applying.

You have some very important decisions to make.  Do you pursue certification in Architecture (NCARB), Accounting (CPA, etc.) or both?  Your question is easy to pose, but complicated to answer fully.

I recommend you review two of my earlier blogs for some additional information:

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These blogs will give you some insight into architecture and accounting career paths, respectively.

I also recommend you review the Professional Association links on my blog for Accounting and Architecture. The resources you will find on these pages will help you better understand your o

Good Luck


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One Response to “What can I do with my degrees in architecture and accounting?”

  1. How is this for interesting. I started as an Architecture major, switched to accounting, worked for a Big Four firm, dabbled in real estate development and architecture as a side “hobby” and now I work in Career Services where I just advised one of my students who worked as an architect and is now working on an accounting degree. !!!! True story – I swear. At any rate…..

    I advised her to google the world’s top architecture firms. Then I told her to go on LinkedIn and search for accounting and finance folks in each of those firms and send inMails asking if she could connect to discuss career options AND to find out the name of the firms’ auditors. (then go back to linkedin and …..well you get the picture)

    I once attended a charette held at an architecture school while I was working as an accountant. Afterwards one of the professors told me that Accounting degree + experience in accounting/auditing + passion for architecture = a very powerful combination should I want to become an architect full time because architects tend to be (and NEED to be) very creative and need the “grounding” in a business discipline like accounting to be highly marketable.

    Dont be overwhelmed, embrace it and see the positive in all that you can do. You can be in the accounting and finance department at https://www.som.com/ – or you can be one of the leading architects at a firm because you have strong business training and will excel at project costing. Best of luck.

    Kevin Fallon

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